Thursday, March 12, 2009


  • While I was listening to Pandora, The Kinks "Destroyer" came on, and I had a weird flash-back to a church field trip in which the supposedly young and hip pastor and his lovely bride encouraged the wacky teens (us) to bring our music along to play on the bus, but they changed their minds about the whole "kid music" thing about halfway through this song.  Of course, it was one of MY contributions.  Was this the beginning of the end of my church attendance?  I think it was.  I figure not liking the Kinks is like not liking pie.  I'm always suspicious of people who claim to not like pie.
  • What's better than payday?  Payday when they are serving Pepperoni and Green Olive pizza in the cafeteria!  Seriously, I thought I was the only person on Planet Earth that ever ordered or made Pepperoni and Green Olive pizza...kiss the cook.
  • Sock One, Almost Done!  This is the pace at which I knit these days:  Two or more weeks on one sock.  I'd take a picture but my toes stick out and I'm looking a little Winter Feet at the moment.  It will be a pair of black socks, perfect of course, for the Summer that will be here by the time I finish both of them (facetiousness implied...).  And thank you Recipe Donor, cuz I still can't find my sock book.  Damnit. 
  • I realize that what is missing from my life are the long car trips in which I am the passenger and I knit to alleviate the boredom of passengering.  I thought, for a second, that no longer having a driver was a bit of a drag, until I remembered that the driver was the reason we had the long car trips in the first place, so, no harm, no foul.  Now when I knit, I sit in a comfy chair, like a lump, with my feet up and a cat in my lap.  Much better.
  • There will be actual grown-up conversation and getting out of the house and live music and everything tomorrow!  And perhaps drinking!  Whatever shall I do with myself?  Actually, I will be staying home on Tuesday, because I don't "do" amateur night, so a mid-March Friday will be my substitute.  Besides, it is my sister's birthday tomorrow, and she deserves a toast.  Honeydogs, Dawg!  See you at First Ave...

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  1. slight change of plans...

    Girl Party! HA!

    Haven't done that in a while. You won't be seeing us! ;-)


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