Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Entrelac: For When You Need To Send Your Brain On Vacation

I had a moment of divine inspiration while looking at Lisa Shroyer's Basic Entrelac Scarf Pattern.
I thought....."That could be a rug."
I love entrelac.  Love it. 
It comes with a rather gigantic "Ta-Dah!" moment at the end of each project because it looks difficult.  People who don't know how it is done ask you deep, probing questions like, "How did you do that?"
Oops!  Not difficult!  Which is why I feel perfectly justified making a rug using this technique.  There is something cool about gesturing toward some intricate-looking knitted thing on the floor and saying, "Just throw your boots over there on the rug"
Except I won't be using Noro Kochoran for the rug....I may enjoy owning and using nice things, but you're not putting your muddy boots on ANGORA in my house, OK?
Anyway, I looked at the pattern, blew it up to gigantic proportions--for the scarf, CO 24, but I started with 112 stitches to make it into a rug--and I guess I'll stop when I feel like stopping, or, when it looks like a rug.  I am currently on the second tier.
This is exactly what my brain needs right now.  I have had so much on my mind--so much weirdness.  I wish I could write about it, but I can't, not just because of the Who Is Involved, and the What Has Been Happening but also because I'm so off-balanced at the moment, I feel like if I add an extra weight to either side (by talking about it), I'm going to topple over.  Entrelac is something you can focus on, to keep the crap out of your head.
Then again, there is something to be said for toppling over.  Falling probably won't kill me, it just looks pretty high up where I'm standing.


  1. 1.) You are starting to scare me
    2.) You are also starting to sound a lot like Hillary (Knitting for Shirley) who posted a most delicious entrelac scarf today from silk garden

  2. I'm so confused....

    I'm hardly scary at all!


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