Friday, March 6, 2009

Invincibility Returning know that the gloom and doom can only go on for so long, right?
I only worry about myself, truly worry, during those times when, for some reason, I don't feel utterly invincible. 
Yes, I usually feel invincible.
In fact, my insistence that I am invincible is usually what most people find so annoying about me.
This week was peppered with work stupidity in the form of people asking me to do something that is extra work for me, but completely un-necessary, and with wasted effort being a MAJOR pet peeve of mine, I wanted to strangle someone.  When I was unable to rally the troops and find anyone else willing to also strangle someone or at least dispose of the bodies, I was bummed.  Luckily, my boss is coming back from vacation, and, she's totally sympathetic to my "I want to strangle someone" moods.  Yay!  While I may not actually strangle anybody, having a like-minded person in the building is always nice.  Besides, she is in a better position to put the screws to the offending individuals, what with being a 'boss' and everything.
Then, while I was bummed out about the work thing, I let myself get bummed about the "I'm alone" thing for about a day, until somebody told me Venus was in retrograde.  You wouldn't think it would make a damn bit of difference, and actually, I feel like a total weirdo for even talking about it, but this stuff keeps being proven to me, again and again.  So weird!  How does that even work?  If I could keep a Vedic Astrologer on speed dial, I totally would.
Anyway...somebody mentioned something about Alabama, and I was all *sigh* and remembering beautiful days on the Gulf, and melancholy-melancholy-melancholy.....and it SUCKED.  Strangely, it wasn't a "I miss my husband" thing so much as it was a "I missed having a grown up with whom I agree about many things so I can VENT to somebody while using harsh language" thing.  Because in order to maintain invincibility, I require a huge amount of venting in my life.  You'd think that having a blog would take care of that need quite handily, but it doesn't, simply due to the fact that there are some things I will never discuss here.  It would be waaaay too Jackie Collins-esque--you know, how everybody knows exactly which celebrity she is talking about in her little romance 'novels' but she keeps insisting it is just a character in a book?  Sure, Jackie....sure.  I mean...I have stories, too.  Good stories.  Spotlight on truly amazing human behavior, stories.  Curse my respectful heart, I can't seems to make characters out of these characters--the fact that they are who they are is the only reason they're even IN the stories.  And none of them have pissed me off enough to go all Jackie Collins on them.
THEN, in the middle of job/alone bummed-ness, the stupid Check Engine light came on in my car....delightful!  And that, of course, compounded the "I'm alone" thing because normally I would have someone to bounce this stuff off of, not that he knew anything about cars.  Usually, I would come home, vent-vent-vent, get little or no useful information from spouse regarding what could have caused the Check Engine light to come on in the first place, then go out and reset the Check Engine light myself and watch as it turned out to be nothing.
As it happens, the only thing that was missing was the 'vent-vent-vent' turned out to be nothing. 
And that was the beginning of a fantastic Friday.
Invincibility returning.  Carry on.

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