Tuesday, March 31, 2009

In Case There Is Any Question

About whether or not I have the very BEST children in the world...
The girls are on Spring Break this week, so they are home all day while I'm off slaying the dragons.  When I got home from work last night, I discovered that not only had they cleaned the entire apartment (except their rooms, but hey, they have all week...) but they had also set the table and cooked a delicious and nutritious dinner, which was waiting for me when I walked in the door.
They were rewarded after dinner with copious amounts of ice cream and candy.  And chocolate chip frozen waffles.
I promise, at least for this week, to stop worrying about whether or not I'm doing this parenting thing right.


  1. are you certain those are your children and not mine? I think they may have been mixed up at birth or something....because I should really have gotten the cooking/cleaning set not the fighting/noise/mess making set

  2. Barb thinks a dingo took my babies...

  3. I'm not sure if I'm jealous of the children or the waffles......

    Might be hungry.

    (insert mildly snarky voice) Thanks for sharing, Shel. Not. (end snark)

    (imudd. hehehe)

  4. I'm kinda jealous of the waffles, personally, because I'm sure that they will all be eaten before I get any...

  5. No, there is no question about their goodness. The only real question is "Can they be cloned?"


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