Monday, March 9, 2009

New Rule

If you work at an office, like me, and you push obscene amounts of paper around all day, like me, you'll be happy to note this new rule: 
If something is mailed, faxed or otherwise assigned to you and your name is spelled wrong on the document, you don't have to do a damn thing with it. 
Feel free to apply that to any other area of your life, as well...I know that everyone in my office is VERY excited about this one.
I mean...who can't spell "Matthew"?  Really?


  1. So I pretty much don't need to do anything then. Because my name is apparently very difficult to spell.

  2. Except for the one at the poor people clinic that I couldn't work out what the F*#& it was for the longest time:


    Serious. Pretty sure they were trying to say Matthew......only not?

  3. Mama, I hereby give you the YEAR off. You've earned it!

    IDB--people who spell their kids name funny on purpose (I met some kids the other day, Jaxson and his sister, who also had a funny name with an X where I CK should have been, but I can't remember it...) Dude. WTF?), those people are cruel. I'm just sayin'.


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