Friday, March 27, 2009

Very Scary, Bordering On Evil

I did another one of those Evil Girl Trick things yesterday. 
I panicked, OK?
I was at work, and some stupid crap was happening and it was stressing me out.  As it happened, my most useful advocate, the person I NEEDED on my side, happened to be a male, so I put on my helpless female mask and sobbed my way through a few gut-wrenching emails to get him to do what I wanted.
So evil.  So very, very evil.
Even though it was not an in-person conversation, the man reacted the way most men would react to a crying woman:  "WHAT HAPPENED???  Are you OK?  Can I beat somebody up for you?"
And my answer was so incredibly drenched in melancholy, that it came out sounding something like this:  "Well...(sniff-sniff)...yes, you can do something for me, (voice trembling)...but....if you're not able to...(sniff-sniff)'s OK...(*LOUD SOB*)...I understand...(burst into tears)."
And of course he did exact what I wanted him to do.
Jeezuz that's bad.  Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad....I'm going straight to hell...


  1. If they use their parts for evil...we can use ours.

  2. Perhaps I could use their parts for evil...? begin the sex jokes...where the hell is IDB?

  3. We are girls and can use our powers anytime we want.
    I use it when I have to, always
    worked on my dad.
    I am the only girl in my family so that helped.
    bat my eyes, tears, whatever.
    Serves men right
    I do like the comment about "using their parts for evil"
    so true


  4. Barb! You used Evil Girl Tricks on your dad? I never did. I watched the stepdaughter continuously use the Evil Girl Tricks on my ex, and it made me want to puke.


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