Thursday, November 17, 2011

Five Minutes Ago Dot Com

If I ask for something, it's because I wanted it five minutes ago and couldn't do it myself.
Personality quirk.  Sorry.
But, seriously.  I don't ask for things unless I feel that they are needed.  And by needed, I mean, we've been doing without, and having it will make things better, so, the best time to have that thing that I'm asking for would have been five minutes ago, because the sooner things can be better, the better.. 
To me, a delay is the same as a "no".  If I ask for something and you don't say "no" but also don't say "yes"?  That means you're trying to think of a good excuse to say "no", and just haven't thought of one, yet.
Or, maybe you're a passive aggressive piece of crap.
So when I make a proposal at work, and it's November, and the person I'm proposing it to says that they can set up a meeting some time in January to talk about maybe doing it, guess what?  I've already labeled them a slow-moving do-nothing zero and moved on.  I'm looking elsewhere for my yes, because that person clearly sucks.
Here's the thing....I work for a massive corporation, and part of the reason this corporation is, in fact, massive, is that the culture of the organization is the very opposite of "slow-moving do-nothing".  You succeed, achieve, change and grow by being quick on your feet.  Our executive leadership is yammering on about it all the time:  Innovation!  Change!  Forward Movement!  Bring us your ideas!  Go!  Go!  Go!
All of this begs the do slow-moving do-nothing zeros even have jobs here? 
How do they have jobs anywhere?
But most importantly....why do they have jobs that suck the life out of other people's jobs? 

Monday, November 14, 2011


I don't know if I would go so far as to call this the official portrait--the mitten on the right hasn't been blocked, yet, so it's like the other one's slow cousin, or something.

Anyway...That is Knit Picks Woodland Winter Mittens "October". They are a gift for a friend who has promised large quantities of chocolate in exchange--how could I say no?

Regardless of future chocolate offers, I will be taking a pass on all Woodland Winter Mittens requests for a while, though. They are all very pretty, of course, and interesting to knit, as well. I've just been making these for a loooooong time. I want to do a thing or two in (mostly) solid colors for a while. I also inherited a large box of yarn from a friend of my mother's, and most of it is slated to become charity items--hats, blankets, and yes, more mittens. I have a stack of animal print charts that I have been itching to try (thank you Debbie Bliss!) and what could be more fun than tiger mittens?

You don't have to answer that.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Forget That Other Wrinkle-y Looking Shot You Might Have Seen Elsewhere

What possessed me to snap a picture without bothering to get up from my desk, walk over to the water source, get the stupid thing wet and block it, I do not know.

This is sooo much better than the Facebook pic I posted, so if you're a friend of FB, please feel free to disregard that wrinkled nastiness.  Blech.

Behold, the smooth and....leafy.

OK...truth be told I was on a phone meeting when I snapped that other picture and if I had walked away from the phone, the other people on the call might have gotten the impression that I wasn't paying attention, and, well...we don't want them getting that impression, even though it may be accurate.

This is Woodland Winter Mitten, "October"(right hand), knit up in Palette. Pattern and yarn from our friends at Knit Picks....DOT COM!*

*Yeah, I always say "DOT COM!" like it's an Expedia commercial. Double points if you picked up on that obscure pop reference.  Carry on.