Thursday, March 19, 2009

Another Tragic Reminder

Of how tentative this whole thing is...

Natasha Richardson dies after ski fall.

I usually don't "do" obits.  And, I think, I'm not going to do one now.  Things like this are, and should be, jarring.  I've fallen down while skiing, dozens of times.  I'm sure she had, too, before this happened.  I guess, on all of those falls, we were just lucky.  Today, I am reminded that being alive is series of lucky events.

It seems a shame to waste all this great fortune, so at least today, don't.  Today, do something that you think is very scary.  Ask the girl out, accept that exciting, but frightening job offer, strike up a conversation with the cute boy you've been noticing lately, drink your coffee with cream and sugar.  Whatever.  Have a day in which you don't act like you've got all the time in the world.

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  1. Yeah, ask that cute girl SJO!
    hint hint

    I know that life is a gift, because of this sad event and because my 47 year old brother had a heart attack 3 days ago, thank god he is ok and they fixed him.

    If I never told you, I do love you!



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