Thursday, January 15, 2009

Colder Than A...

You know it is nasty when the nicest thing your automobile can muster in the morning is a "Screw you, lady!  I don't CARE if I've been running for 20 minutes!  This SUCKS!"
The understatement of the year.
But the car was nice enough to take me all the way to the place I was going, which was nice.  In return, I promised to one day wash the car. 
Some day. 
Some day when my coffee doesn't get cold walking from the car to my office. 
Some day.


  1. I am from North Dakota and people can stop telling me I should be used to this cold weather!


    I got paid today and most of it is already spoken for, I would like to have jingle jangle in my pocket.


    I like someone and I think they like me but wont make a move, making me think I'm crazy.
    I would love to hear the words I have longed for-



  2. (your coffee just got cold? Not entirely frozen, stick a stick in and lick it?)

    (haha--loush. haha funny wordish thing)

  3. Sing it with me, Barb!

    There's a plaaaaaaace for us....

    SOMEWHERE a plaaaaaace for us...

    Peace and quiet and open air, waaaaaait for us....somewhere...

    I can't hear you!

    There's a tiiiiiiime for us...

    Someday there'll be a tiiiime for us...

    OK, never mind.

    (Just for the record, I can still hit all those notes, bitches!)

    IDB, we did have a rather amazing incident involving the car charger for the cell phone. The other day, I went to plug it in, and, found half of the cord coiled and frozen inside a fast food drink cup that had started the week with a little liquid in it. Nice. The business end still worked, so, no big. Messy car noted and cleaned...cleaned while trying to stay warm, waiting for Very. Slow. Gas. Pump. Alarming amounts of trash removed. All is well. Except for the fucking cold coffee...

  4. (I don't think I'd like to fuck cold coffee.....but I am easy, so maybe......)

    I've been meaning to ask--those ppl who caused you to moderate comments haven't followed you here? I like seeing my comments right away. (What pre-instant gratification issue? I got no issues!)

  5. Reminds me of an episode of Real Sex....ever see the one where they made dildos out of glass?

    Brrrr.....!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm just sayin'.

    I'm sure my delightful friends will be along shortly, for meaningful discussion about what an awful person I am. No big.

  6. Oh, the places you'll go!!

    They actually make very pretty glass dildos. The cool sensation along with the friction is lovely. I've heard.

    You are horrible; making me talk sex like this!!! I'll certify you!!

    (*How* does this thing know? My verification thingy is 'blepie'....)

  7. You've heard. SHUT UP! You have not "heard"! You keep the pretty glass dildos on your mantel! Admit it!

    (Not that I would think any less of you for that...depending on the display of course. Stay Fabulous!)


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