Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ms. Blue Sky

You can add this to the "Is it weird that people annoy me so much?" file, and, as always, feel free to compare notes.
One of my co-workers just got back from a long weekend in Charleston, and was telling stories of her travels.  Most of the stories, as you can imagine, involved the weather.  She lives in Minneapolis, after all, and, Charleston is a completely different meteorological animal.
She had made note of, and was happy to relay, the temperature and wind conditions for every single date of her trip from the time she touched the ground to the time she got back on a plane.
Is it bad of me to have wanted to scream, over the Blathering Of Nothing Important, "DUH!  Its WARMER there, brainiac!"...?
Because I don't know why people go on and on about the weather.  Who cares?  Any 6 year old can tell you that the South is warmer than Minneapolis.  Why must we give so thought much thought and discussion to widely accepted fact?  Is she trying to make people jealous because she had four whole days of 65 degrees while we had a snow storm? 
WOW I don't care!  Don't care.  I don't look upon weather as "good" or "bad".  It just is.  I know I'm weird about that--I know that I am.  When I speak to people in different parts of the country and they say things like, "You guys just had a big snow storm up there!" my usual reaction is, "......We did?  OH!  Yeah!  I guess we did!", and I'm never sure if my reaction sounds nonchalant or, just stupid.  I mean....what kind of idiot doesn't notice a blizzard? 
Ahem...It's not that I didn't notice...it's that I didn't care.
I'm able to feign interest in this mush for a short time while I am standing in front of someone, but to be honest, I could not wait to sit down at my keyboard and talk about how stupid it is to talk about air temperature, unless someone is paying you to talk about air temperature.  With so many other things to think about, seriously, WHY does anyone ever engage in lengthy discussion about this?  Why would anyone make note of the actual temperature? 
Try this:  Walk outside, asses the feeling of the air, look at the sky, apply or discard clothing as necessary, and move on...its not rocket science.
But...we're just not like that, we humans.  No time to look at the sky...no time at all.  We'd rather rely on somebody else to tell us what the temperature is going to be, tell us how to dress, tell us whether or not to take an umbrella, tell us to take a little extra time getting to work because the roads are bad.  We put it all in someone else's lap, and act all superior if it isn't what they said it would be.  How lame is that?
People talk about the weather because it is one of those things where anybody can be an expert, due ENTIRELY to the large group of actual experts constantly feeding them the answers via the media.  Let's face it...if you started right now, would it take you more than 12 seconds to get today's forecast?  Not me! 
The greater question is, if that forecast turned out to be dead wrong, would you notice? 
Not me!
I would love it if we could talk about something interesting for a change--something we have a say in, or something we can change if we get up off the couch for once.  Weather is something that people talk about when they have nothing of substance to say, and they just like the sound of their own voices.

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