Monday, March 9, 2009

Oh, And One More Thing...

I'm TOTALLY changing my name to "Hilaria"!!!!
Yes, its a real name--I just read it somewhere.
I must say, the world is a better place, just knowing that there is somebody out there named "Hilaria". 
My previous pseudonym, "Hertula" (which is the real name of Barb's aunt) will be retired, effective immediately...


  1. yes, my great-aunt was Hertula
    I work at a funeral home and there are some killer first names I run into.
    Flossy, Vulva (I would change it immediately), Patsy Fanny, Blu, Freedom, and the list goes on.
    My name is really boring......


  2. Which is why we call you OTHER THINGS....hehehehehe...


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