Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Couple Of Pics

Happy to be back in the world of functional camera phones, I discovered this little gift on my desk this morning, from my friend and's from a batch of anise/lavender soap she made, and I'm thrilled. Its been such a crap week, with a high amount of insanity and tears...I need a long soak in the tub. A very, very, long soak in the tub.
You. Me. My place. Later.
I'll bring the pomegranate martini.
(A note to those who might wonder what to do when they catch me openly weeping at my desk, at the store, while driving down the street, while getting the mail, while taking my children out to dinner...handmade soap is a beautiful thing.)

And here is our beautiful boy, Bailey.
Since we moved to a home without a dog, the first such place we have lived since Bailey was very young, he has returned to his very charming habit of camping out on the floor, on his back. It's so cute, you just want to rub his tummy, but of course, that just pisses him off and he goes back to sleeping on the dining room table where he can get some peace and quiet...


  1. HA! Bailey has quite the life, it looks like. :-)

  2. I have to say...I thought that was a chunk of velveeta up there. I'm not sure velveeta would go well with a martini :)

  3. Velveeta....cheese of choice for...well, nothing good, but still people keep on buying it. I think I'll go buy some right now, in fact--I can give that to the kids so they will stop eating all of my 'good' cheese.


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