Monday, March 2, 2009

Everybody's Up For Sale, Sometimes...

A collection of items from Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch, ranging from Michael Jackson's white glove to the entry gates to Neverland Ranch are....up for auction.
Even more delicious than that?  If you want a catalog--that is, a listing of the items for sale--it will cost you $100.  Just for the list.  For $500, Michael will sign it.  The list.
A portion of the proceeds benefit MusiCares--read all about it here.
(Did you notice the complete lack of snarky comments?  Did you notice that I didn't say ONE mean thing?  I think my head is about to explode!)


  1. You deserve a pat on the back and maybe a complimentary catalog so you could bring the snark :)

  2. and it's not even to be blamed on chiari......amazing.

    Yeah, I turned the page in the person sort of magazine at the doc's today (bad mammo--think good thoughts), saw the child molester's shit, I mean stuff, and turned right away again. Wait, I think I ventured into libel--is that past snarky or before?

  3. Libel is just a bit past snarky, because unlike snarkinesss, libel has some substance to it. :-)


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