Thursday, March 19, 2009

And More Of The Mildly Amusing...

I just love opening the mail at work...people are such smart-asses.

It takes a smart-ass to appreciate a smart-ass.

So, today, in response to a sales flyer that we sent out, I got a funeral announcement with a note that read, "I don't think they need insurance in heaven"

Um....are you SURE???

Cuz I work for an insurance company, and my boss (the nice one, the one that didn't get fired) told me that EVERYBODY needs insurance. You may have noticed, judging by the mailing list that we are sending sales pitches to, that we don't care if you're dead. Just send money, is all we're sayin'.

Oh, and to the kindly person who sent the porn, the pictures are lovely but the BEST part was the order form! I'll be ordering my copy of Revenge of the Dildos shortly! Only $12.95? Awesome!

(Can you imagine if I was some freakish conservative person sitting at work and opened an envelope to see pictures of women with men's body parts in their mouths? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA....keep that image in your head until you find it as amusing as I do, would ya? Thanks...)

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