Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm Not Blaming Monday

I won't do it.  I'm not that kind of person.
Unless you've noticed that I am that kind of person....I any of you ever note the level of bitchiness slightly higher around here on the day after the weekend?  You can be honest--I can take it.
Those of us who work Monday through Friday tend to act like we've lost our minds on Mondays--as if, over the course of two days we completely forgot what time we're supposed to get up, how long it takes to get ready, what level of caffeine we need in order to feel normal, whether or not we need to thaw out the car, etc..  We awake with blissful ignorance on Mondays and wonder what the hell happened, because we were sure that we had it all together just a couple of days ago...
This morning, I forgot to make coffee. 
Forgot to make coffee. does a caffeine-addicted freak FORGET to make coffee?  How does that happen?
The Bad Addict returns.
The Bad Addict, having created a situation in which, without caffeine and nicotine, I would curl up in a ball on the couch, emerging only occasionally for the purposes of angrily lashing out at those who might try to speak to me, sometimes 'forgets' to buy/make coffee and sometimes 'forgets' to buy cigarettes. 
I don't do this on purpose--apparently, I'm just a ding-bat.
I noticed the No Coffee thing about 2 minutes before I was supposed to walk out the door this morning, and thought I might even try to scrape by with some re-heated Yesterday Coffee, but alas, there wasn't any Yesterday Coffee left, and by that time, no time to make a fresh pot. 
I filled my travel mug with placebo hot water for the drive to work (AKA The Land Of Flowing Caribou) but, of course, I was twitchy by the time I hit the crosstown.
Again...I'm really bad at this whole "being addicted" thing.  Its not that I am NOT addicted, because clearly I am.  The good news is, it is apparently all physical and not psychological, because if it was psychological, I'd be much better at protecting my stash...
I know that the fact that I keep forgetting I'm addicted to certain substances would indicate to many of you that "quitting" those substances would be a good idea.  I shall take that into consideration.
OK, I thought about it and decided not to quit just yet.
When the day comes that I stop forgetting to make coffee or buy cigarettes, then I'll know it's time.


  1. quitting is for....quitters?

    I don't have either of those habits (anymore--10 years out still have nightmares in which I smoke) but when I find myself in the 'curled up lashing' stage, I have something to eat. Not that I forget to eat; just that sometimes I don't remember....

    (you can use that rationalization if you like--I don't have it patented or anything.)

    Freakin' doesn't know who I freakin am again......IDB

  2. I actually DO forget to eat!!!

    So, here is a bit of an update...since I moved into my apartment, I actually smoke less, drink less coffee, and apparently eat less because I found out over the weekend that I have lost something like 12 pounds since the end of December. So that's all good.

    The thing is, I'm too damned leisurely smoke time, no leisurely have a beer time, no leisurely sit around and sip coffee time. At this stage, it is merely maintenance, and, there is a little less of it every day. At some point, I'm sure it will all go away, but right now, I still enjoy these things! And that is OK because they are getting more and more rare...

  3. Argh! Don't give up coffee! Everybody I know is giving up everything and I'm going to be the only one left with any vices at all and, you is the loneliest number.

  4. NEVER!!!!!!!!!!

    I shall NEVER give up coffee!




  5. Ok, I have decided that people who dont drink coffee are "weird".
    I am a coffee freak. Everyone who lives with me knows that is the first thing I make/grab in the morning and then let the dog pottying and feeding and shots begin. (my choc lab is diabetic)
    I tried to remember when I started drinking coffee, 17?
    I am so old my brain doesnt go back that far.
    I went to Wal-mart last weekend to buy a coffee maker, the heating unit in mine died. It is a Black & Decker brand, (they make coffeemakers?) does it double as a jigsaw? I love it and it has a timer and it brews fast!!!!!
    ah, things are wonderful again.


  6. I personally don't consider it a vice, either. I mean, clearly it is addictive and all that, but its not like I'm using dirty needles to inject the coffee or anything.

    Oh, and B&D makes a killer coffee maker, btw--had one for years. Lost it in the divorce. *sigh* But that's OK in the grand scheme...

  7. Oooooh, mainlining coffee. add some chocolate and yarn and you've got me at your party!!!

    'Cause that's what you were going for, right?

    (I wrote a mainlining comment and the verification word is weednes.....hehehe)


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