Thursday, September 9, 2010


Serious Question!

OK, wait....First, here is the background to the Serious Question:  What a dumb summer.  What dumb "writing" this summer.  I shoulda slapped myself a long time ago.  Three months of whining.  They should have taken away my internet access around mid-June.  I wasn't even entertainingly angry, I was just depressing.

So here's the question--Is the name "Garret" an asshole name?  My 17-year old swears it is.

KIDDING!!!  JUUUUUUST KIDDING!  That's not the question.

Here's the question, for real:  Should I just nuke this entire summer's worth of bloggy-poo?  I mean, I can't even read this crap.  I don't want it around.  Whiny, Woe Is Me, bullshit is all it is.  But I don't want anybody surprised when something very recent just goes "Poof!", so, that's why I'm asking...


Or Toss?


(What we may end up doing is "editing" content so that the dates remain the same and instead of the depressing whining, there will be pictures of cute boys and/or recipes for salsa.  That way people will think all I talked about all summer was cute boys and salsa.)


  1. For Kathy's benefit, I thought we would add a picture of LL Cool J, complete with the lyrics to "Mama Said Knock You Out" to any posts pertaining to my boss.

  2. Oh, I think I'd keep it as a reminder of what you have endured (and add that LL Cool J stuff because holy bananas if you get the right picture he is one fine piece of meat! I mean nice looking individual) BUT! I would put it in a place where it can not be used against you in a court of law or Human Resources.

    Remember when LL Cool J was on that show in the 80's (or was it 90's) and he was a retired football player or nanny or something. Really couldn't tell you the true premise of the show I didn't care about content.

  3. Yeah, it was one of those "Look at the pretty man!" shows, content optional!

    I do a similar thing with Shemar Moore...although Criminal Minds is actually interesting...

  4. (but. I wanted to sit over here and toast marshmallows on yr cloud.....poopy 'keep the blog and don't give IDB cute boys and salsa recipes' people....never liked 'em anyhow....)

  5. Keep it! Absolutely! It's okay to whine a little sometimes (within reason) when things are genuinely sucky. It's when people whine over everything all the time that others just want to turn a fire hose on 'em!


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