Tuesday, February 3, 2009


There is this guy in my office who flirts with me.  Well, actually, he does that, "I'm not flirting with you" flirt, like he hangs around near where I am, playing it cool, talking about things not related to work (himself, mostly), to everyone but me, but loud enough for me to hear everything.
Boys are funny.  Some of them just can't stand it if you don't acknowledge that they are special..
Given his style of flirting, I know that I don't have to ever worry about him actually asking me out or anything--he seems to be one of those that likes to sell himself and sell himself until he can convince me that he is worth my full and complete attention.  The old "Wear Her Down" tactic.  Did I mention that both of the men I was married to are sales people?  How the hell do you think they got me to go out with them in the first place?
Never mind the fact that nothing screams Bad Idea like dating someone you work with--lets just put that aside for a moment.  The fact is...I've dated this guy my whole life.  I was married to him a couple of times, too.  He talks about how awesome he is until he finally gets me to agree that yes, he is awesome, and we get together and then the entire relationship is all about his awesomeness.
I'm so over that.
I'm going to hold out for someone who thinks I am awesome.  Risky, I know...it could be a long wait.  I could very well be alone for the rest of my life.  You know what?  I really don't care.


  1. Good for you! We should all do that!

  2. Give him the "eye"
    you know, the "I'm too good, too hot and too spicy for you"
    You wouldnt like you, we are irresistable!

    Nobody else is currently making a move (hint hint)


  3. yeah. waiting for someone to think I'm awesome.....in my jammie bottoms at the grocery store at 3 am. (Course, if it was *just* the bottoms....oh, never mind)

    Know what I do with these twits? Drop things and bend over, get overheated and fluff the front of my shirt, you know the kind of thing. They have no balls to begin with and they generally have no idea what to do with that! (wait, isn't that what Barb said, only better?)

    (re: other post: love Duffy.)
    (IDB. Stoopid freakin machine)

  4. The "eye"...would that be the "I'd only be using you for sex" eye? HA!

    Not that any red-blooded heterosexual male would have any problem with being used for sex...


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