Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Just Some Random Photos I Had Laying Around

Its been so long since I put a picture of anything on here! Pathetic. OK, well, not pathetic if you count the two 1300 mile, cross country moves, then one more move across town, and the whole getting a divorce and emotional wreckage thing. Kind of remarkable that there are even WORDS here on a regular basis, now that I'm thinking about it, you ungrateful bastards!

Oh, sorry....

(I'm not even sure where the cord for the camera is, if you must know...luckily, the children can always find it.)

This is my dear friend, Paul.
I'm the only one on Earth that calls him "Paul",
even though that is his actual name.
Shhh......he likes the Jack Daniels...

I've known him forever, we used to work together, and if you ever listen in on one of our conversations, you'll hear something a little like this:

Paul: Sleep with me
Me: Um...Yeah...
Paul: You know you want to
Me: Sure, sure...
Paul: We can talk about it later, after we have sex.

And....we've been having the same conversation for over 20 years with no clothing ever removed. In fact, he's hauled my drunken ass home on more than one occasion and has never once taken advantage, and you know that means I trust him with my very life.

Our next model...

Sammyus Maximus
This picture was taken at First Avenue by someone other than me, and I know I will likely go to hell for once again posting something without giving credit where credit is due. I fully expect someone to show up at my door and punch my lights out any day now. I richly deserve it. You'll just have to take my word for it that I was actually there at the same time as the nice person who took this picture. We took no pictures. Although I think he thought we took a picture. Long story--you don't wanna know. What a delightfully bewildering night that was...

ANYWAY...I like this one cuz he looks like he's thinking really hard about something, and, how cute is that, right?

This one is from our favorite scene in the movie Horton Hears A Who
Every time we watch the movie, we watch this scene three times.


I have daughters.

Did I mention I have daughters?

Speaking of daughters...
So, The Diva was snapping photos one day and she thought this one was a keeper for some reason, BUT, then she came running into the living room, and said, "Gawd, mother, your CAT ruined my picture!" because, as you can see, Jack chose that exact moment to clean his private parts.


And this one is just a very cool picture of my daughter...
...that she's going to yell at me for posting.
I don't care.
I just wanna know how she gets all these great shots!

Oh, to be young and fab...


  1. she looks like a live anime person!!

    (the last one)

  2. I still think the pic with the cat is amazing!

  3. She has such an incredible eye for composition. (I'm doing that mommy gush thing...)

    She actually took, and is the model in, the picture that I use for the profile shot. I suppose one day I will have to break down and put a picture of me on here somewhere...


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