Saturday, February 21, 2009

Can't You See I Don't Have None Left?

I can't remember what movie that was from, but the line just ahead of it was "I've been working my ass off..."
...Sadly, I DO have some left.  Isn't that the universal problem?  Too much ass?
Anyway...Oy!  What a week!
The worst part was, this was actually a SLOW week at work!  I just MADE it busy, like a dumb-ass, cuz I thought the slow time would  be a good time to add projects!  Do extra stuff!  More, more, more!
Then, about Wednesday, it became evident, physically, that I had been "forgetting" to eat and drink properly for, uh, a while.  This was due to the "busy".  Oops.  When I say "forgetting" to eat and drink properly, I'm talking about racing out of the house in the morning, with no time to make or take your lunch and while you're at work you have nothing but an apple and some popcorn, and you end up famished at a friends house at around 5PM, at which time you consumer four chocolate chips cookies and a Leinie.  (Thanks, Greg!  Cookies and Beer!  Its a new "thing".)  Then, you go home and now you're no longer hungry for dinner, and the beer and sugar has made you sleepy, so you zonk out on the couch, and once again, "forget" to put good food into your system.  The next day, something similar happens (though I only did the cookies and beer thing the ONE time, I swear) and before you know it, it has been a few days and you haven't eaten.  That's how these things happen...
For a normal person, the ill effects are slight--you feel a bit run down, then you eat an orange, drink some water and you're all good.  If you are like me and have a Chiari Malformation?   Hehe....DON'T EVER DO THAT because the second you start to get dehydrated, you start wishing you were dead.
How to describe the Chiari headache?  I don't think there is a way to describe it.  I hadn't had one in a long time, so, when I woke up feeling crappy on Thursday, I thought I was just getting the cold that my daughters had been living with for a few days.  Basic sinus crap, no big deal.  I was almost too busy to notice.  Around 1PM, I noticed the ringing in my ears, the blurry vision, my jaw hurting, my CHIN hurting (who's CHIN ever hurts?) and my right elbow, too.  Right elbow...that's a weird one.  Oh, and I had a fever.  Anyway, I realized what was happening.  Shit.  I dismissed myself for the day, went to my car and cranked the heat to the "sauna" setting because strangely, hot cars work wonders on these types of headaches.  By the time I got home I felt mostly normal, but it hit me like a ton of bricks again that evening.
'scuse me while I enjoy this rather large pain killer.
And six bottles of water.
And my electric blanket.
And my special pillows, set just so.
And a cafe latte with a shot of espresso....thankyewjeeeezuzforthecaffeine.
Funny thing about the wacky Chiari long as you can find a comfortable position and hold your head and neck perfectly still in that comfortable position (hence the pillows, set just so) you can sort of function, doing things that don't require you to get up and move around.  Why you would want to continue functioning is the big mystery.  Most people would NOT want to.  I, on the other hand, am weirdly driven to be constantly doing something.  I'm not a TV watching, couch sitting type.  Unfortunately, I did find myself propped up in front of a television, pillows just set just so.  So I started knitting a pair of socks.
Knitting socks.  That thing I used to do back in the olden days, when I was in pain every day, and stuck sitting still all the time.  Ah, yes, I remember it well...
Except, I don't actually "remember" this particular sock pattern as well as I thought I did and I think I might have accidentally brought my sock book back to the library by mistake when I was bringing back some other books.  Jeez.  How does one check on something like that?
We'll see how I do, pulling this one from memory.  If any of you have a copy of Socks, Socks, Socks, I'm talking about a pair of lace socks, and I think they are on page 40.  Shoot me the recipe if you think of it.
All of this leads to a super-exciting Saturday night in front of the television, watching Sybil and knitting socks.  Its the rock and roll life-style, people...
ANYWAY...I'm on a sort of forced relaxation thing for a while, which may mean lots more knitting and television and stuff.  I'll try to send the occasional report from the field.

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