Tuesday, February 24, 2009

3 Random Things

  1. Just curious...what exactly is the "Surprise" in the city of Surprise, AZ?  Anyone?  Anyone?
     2.   Is there a more unfortunate first name than Kitty-Jo?  (the line of angry Kitty-Jo's is forming to the left...)  And if your name is, in fact, Kitty-Jo, is a Southern Accent assumed?  What about gum?  Can we assume that Kitty-Jo chews gum?  Loudly?  Will I go to hell for stereotyping these women?  Or get into any other kind of "trouble"?  I'm not sure if the White, Gum Poppin' Southern Women Named Kitty group has a lobby.
     3.   A co-worker, who sits within earshot of me, is talkin' church gossip right now.  Oh, the drama.  Stuff like, "So-and-so was very short with my on Sunday morning!" and, "The (Smith/Jones/Johnson/Anderson) family has LEFT THE CHURCH" apparently over some issue involving the choir!  Gasp! 
High octane stuff. 
Not nearly as entertaining, though, as the other lady who sits next to her, who, when speaking to customers, occasionally mutes her phone and says "Oh Jeeezuz-Laawd!  Why are you doing this to me???"  How can you not love that?

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