Friday, February 6, 2009

Little Things That Make Me Smile

  • People who drive mini-vans.  Its just so comical.
  • The lunch lady greets me by name.  Never mind the that I work in a secure building and we all have these geek tags and name tags and key cards hanging all over us.  Never mind that I am easily identified by anyone within these four walls....Forget all that.  The fact that every time the lunch lady sees me, she says, "Hey, Shelly!  How are you?" makes me stupid happy.  Makes me think, "Yeah, its a $7 quesadilla, but...that's OK!"  Give that girl a raise.
  • Seeing the top of my desk.  When I finally clear away all the piles of paper (which does happen occasionally!), the sheer delight of the moment takes me away to a happy place.
  • Fire Escape by Fastball.  What a perfect song this is...check it out on the widget if you haven't heard it...(For those of you reading on Facebook or MySpace, Come Here!  Its where I keep the widgets...)  I've always thought this was a perfect little song, but hadn't heard it in a while, until somebody played it yesterday.  Yup, still perfect.  Speaking of cool songs,
  • Don't Be Lonely.  Sure, people look at you funny when you're dancing at your desk...That's OK!  Give that girl a raise!  (Sorry, no widgetty love on that track, but you can be all retro and go buy the album HERE.  And you can tell that I AM retro, cuz I used the word "album".)
  • Steak.  I am rather unapologetic about the carnivore thing.  I can't wait to get home.  There might even be a cold Schells to go with that hunk of beef that is waiting for me...and a pan of brownies.  And I promise to eat it while sitting on the floor in front of the television.  Its Friday...
  • This City.  Driving in to work this morning, I had a real "I love this town" moment.  I was exciting 494 North and looked back on a beautiful sunrise.  The temperature was cold, but nice--things were covered in frost, and it everything looked really cool.  I'm just....really loving the fact that I am here right now.  Life is really, really good right now.  I haven't even had the time to think about it until just this morning.


  1. I love this city too -
    But last weekend I was in Duluth and it was bone cold figid and the lake was steaming and there were fisherman out just feet away from the ice edge, and the ice was all heaved as I headed north towards Bettys and I didn't want to leave.
    Obviously I did - but I didn't really want to.

  2. I was at a friend's cabin on Saturday and when we came back to Minneapolis late that night...I had one of those moments too. The skyline looked so beautiful that I just felt really happy to be here.


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