Monday, July 12, 2010

Gooble-Botkin* Visitors Aside...

Alas, Poor Bloggy. 
Barely Contained, the blog, is the dedicated "Look At Me!" project of one Shelly Payne, who hasn't been much in the mood to be looked at lately because she's so freaking boring, and so, the blog, she is neglected.
I think I'm going to blame the heat.  Sure, why not?  It's hot out, and as a result, I sit on my ass in air-conditioned rooms a lot.  Directly linked to that?  Feeling hugely fat.
Avert your eyes.
At one point, mid-weekend, I realized that I had done virtually nothing but eat and knit for the last several days.  The fact that significant progress was made on the Flower Bud scarf barely compensates for that OhMyGod I'm HUGE thing going on in my head right now. 
Drown me in a sea of Leinenkugel!
You know what else stinks?  I HAVE a sea of Leinenkugel!  Like my fridge is actually FULL of beer that I'm not getting around to drinking because nothing about climate controlled comfort lends itself to "I could use a cold beer right now!"  That's the stuff you do when you're hanging around with friends--outside!
And another thing!  GAH!  I quit smoking, which is another thing I used to do, OUTSIDE.  Obviously, not worth it to take up smoking again for the sole purpose of sitting outside, but, I miss outside!  I miss drinking and smoking outside.  Now instead of drinking and smoking, I have to EXERCISE outside, because the inside makes me fat.
So let's review:  It's hot outside, so I'm inside.  And I don't smoke, so I'm inside.  And I don't drink as much because I don't smoke and I'm inside.
I have become that which I detest.  I'm boring, even to me.
*Gooble-Botkin:  Bot searches that bring up loads of archive material, read by people that are either A) Obsessed, or B) Making sure that I'm not saying anything bad, or C) Both.


  1. (blame Napoleon?)

    (It wasn't me; I wasn't here.)

  2. No dice, I already blamed Napoleon for the messy apartment and drinking all the Pinot Noir. Cats...

  3. Some of what you are talking about may explain my increase in hot chocolate with irish whiskey consumption. The bad thyroid makes me cold when other are bitching about being hot - so I compensate by drinking warm things....apparently the wrong warm things.
    Also, eating rice krispie bars.

  4. If I actually experienced the heat instead of being an indoor AC slug all day? I probably wouldn't eat much at all--just liquids and maybe a salad, fruit, etc. As it is, when I'm all comfy and cool? It's just grazing all, eat, and eat.



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