Wednesday, February 11, 2009

This Stuff Just Comes Pouring Out Of Me

Another actual conversation...

you know, i sort of know Mr Grass
 me I'm sure he does a good job...
 t:  i work with a guy who was a partner once upon a time
built the web site for him
 me:  There's a web site????????
 t:  the guy i work with almost bought him out, but decided to not be a lwn service for the rest of his life
me:  I could be a lwn service...sure beats insurance
t:  instead he builds porn sites on the side
me:  of course, porn is always an option
 t:  makes the internet run...
 me:  how much money in the porn site game?
 t:  a lot.
 me:  that insidious porn site game
 t:  really
 me:  is he the guy that makes a billion pop ups come up when you hit a porn site and try to back out?  lol
 t:  no i don't think he's that annoying
 me:  More importantly, does he have a nicer house than you??
 t:  um yeah - i don't socialize with him outside of work
i think he's got ties to people in thailand that shoot vid in brothels
 me:  NICE!  thats the way to go...don't have to hire anyone...
 t:  lol

I am sick.  I know that I am sick...luckily, most of my friends find it mildly amusing.


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