Monday, August 23, 2010



  • Currently obsessed with pretzel sticks dunked in cream cheese.  I don't want the cure for that, just let me over-indulge.
  • Had to abandon Cookie A project due to screwing up the Cookie A project!  I dropped a stitch about an inch ago and failed to notice it until a gigantic hole emerged.  Whoops!  :-D  OK, moving on...purchased alpaca (it's a sickness, OK???) at Needlework Unlimited and am making something dumb while I gear up for another run at the pattern with more cajones.  By something dumb I mean entirely stockinette.  So simple I can do it while drunk.  Don't ask me how I know that.
  • True Love Ways.  Buddy Holly.  Damn near perfect, isn't it?
  • I moved into a new bedroom.  OK, let me clarify that:  I moved into A bedroom--I was basically camped out, couch surfing in my own house, before.  I never worried about my children having their own rooms while I had no room--I figured, like all things, this too will pass, and one day, I'll have all the rooms.  Of course, now that I have a room, I need a TV for my room.  Well, a TV or a man--either/or.  TV's are rarely annoying, so I'm leaning toward the electronic.
  • With my new room came 5 new dresses!  OK, actually only one "new" dress and four dresses that had been hiding in my daughter's HEINOUS closet for 2 years--I had forgotten all about them.  The one "new" dress, literally still had the tags on it (until today) and had never been worn.  I might have a clothes issue...maybe.  Maybe if you look into my new room, all you see is a bed and shoes and clothes.  Then more clothes.  And some yarn hiding behind the clothes, but mostly clothes.  Yay Clothes!



  1. tv's rarely annoying.....I don't think you have surfed enough, shel....hehehe

    You have too many shoes. Send me some and get more yarn. You will be happier. Trust me.

  2. Please allow me to re-state that: TV comes with "off" switch. TV doesn't spend your money, drink your booze, bang your best friend or wreck your car. It also does not fart, smack it's food or snore.

    Yep...TeeVee's been a friend to me...

    Besides, I'm a mega-geek info-maniac. Trust me--there is always SOMETHING might be a documentary on suspension bridge construction, but I don't care...

    If TV had a penis, it would be the perfect mate.


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