Wednesday, February 11, 2009

This Is Why I Get Those "Snarky Blogger" Tags

I keep seeing the lawn service truck with the words "Mr. Grass" painted on the side, and, I must say that I find the whole idea of "Mr. Grass" to be endlessly amusing.  What an excellent name for a business!  Personally, I will never forget it. 
I wonder Mr. Grass requires one to buy in bulk, or if smaller quantities are available?
I bet he gets that a lot.
(Ahem...I'm sure that the real Mr. Grass is a lovely person.  If I had a lawn to speak of, or, a lawn at all, Mr. Grass would be on speed dial.)
In other news, my friends had some windows broken out of their vehicle last night, for the second time, which leads me to wonder if I can get a window sticker for my car that reads "Retardedly loud car alarm installed" or some variation thereof, because replacing car windows is a gigantic Pain In The Ass.
What possesses one to smash car windows?  They didn't steal the car or anything in it, just smashed out the windows....assholes.


  1. Cafe Press
    you can make your own. or put one of the girls on it.

  2. ok
    I am the victim of the van glass
    It makes you sick when you walk out and see something like that.

    And the kicker is the comment the
    glass guy said when he came out.
    "wow, someone is mad at you"
    no s*#t!
    Random, gang related, a neighbor who got tired of waiting for me to pick up poop in his yard because I didnt have a bag at the time?
    who knows.
    We are kind, good neighbors and do alot for others. I am not bragging. We were brought up to do that.
    oh........If anyone sees a nun with a bat; please let me know-

  3. HA! It was NOT the nuns!!! The nuns love you guys! (Despite the cookie thing...)


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