Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I Heart Spam

Spam.  The delicious meaty treat made right here in Minnesota.
Spam.  The hilarious emails sent to you by people who assume that your personal stupidity knows no bounds.
Which would you rather have? be honest, today I think I'd rather have the delicious meaty treat.  Sliced and fried. Served with maple syrup.
No such luck.
You know it!  You love it!  Spam Game!  What's in your Spam folder this week?  Here is some of mine.
The reasonable woman never will say to you, that she is dissatisfied.  You're right…only UNreasonable women are ever dissatisfied…


Keepsake plate honoring the 44th president.  People still collect plates?


Worried that tiny size will get you down?‎  Wait…are we still talking about keepsake plates?


If there will be only girls around, will you be ready?‎  That depends on what those girls are looking for in a girl….


Add more spice into your bedroom life.  For some reason, cumin comes to mind…What?


Only here you can find solution to all your male troubles.  Oh, honey…most of my male troubles can only be solved with an anvil dropped on their head.  Do you sell anvils?


The best kind of natural high.   Colorado Rocky Mountain Hiiiiiiigh…..really, I should be skiing.  Perhaps if I clear my head on the slopes for a couple of days, I can come up with some new material and stop having to play the Spam Game.


High definition sunglasses that fit over your prescription glasses‎.  Because NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING is hotter than a geeky chick wearing glasses OVER her glasses!


Try and believe in itself‎.  Ok, that just confusing.  Are we speaking in the first person?  Or third?  What is this, a Dylan lyric?


Wow..Mens Love This‎.  If the "this" in question is anything other than control of the television remote, then this is probably a lie.


Do the favour to the woman! Yes!  Give us the damn remote!


Wanna get a larger boner?‎ *sigh*  Any port in a storm, baby…any port in a storm.


  1. Hilarious! I love cumin so count me in for that.

    For the record, I'm always around girls and none of us collect plates or are interested in boners. If you want to tell us about the lottery we've won...well, maybe we could talk.

  2. I don't know anybody who doesn't like cumin...


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