Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mostly Shopping. And Some Poop.

  • I'm not entirely sure, but I believe it's possible that I may need a nickel plated toaster.  How could I not need this?  $90?  All day!  Ahem....oh....mygawd, how much money do you need to be swimming in before you would piss away $90 for a toaster?  How shallow your love for toast must be if you can only eat toast from a ridiculously expensive toaster.  And that thing is on clearance!  Normally $140.  Yikes. 
  • However, I would like it known that I would have no problem whatsoever spending full price for that countertop wine cooler. 
  • Oh, what the hell, since I'm all Smart Bargaining today, here's another--effing love this
  • Had to check the calendar this morning when I walked into the ladies room here at the office and the whole place reeked of Aqua Net--thought I was back in the '80's.  Never mind the fact that it was Aqua Net, let's just focus on the fact that someone was engaging in extensive personal grooming, right there in the public bathroom in an office building--make-up bag open and spilled all over the sink and everything.  Again....yikes.
  • I took the cat to the vet the other day, because he was acting all "I'm fixin' to die" and honestly, I was prepared for someone to tell me it was time, but the vet was quite optimistic in spite of the fact that Bailey was a complete and total ASSHOLE for the entire visit.  (Seriously, I walked out of that office and was on the phone to my daughter before I even made it all the way to the car, just so I could express to her what a fucking jerk her cat was, with the howling and the growling and the hissing and the spitting and the biting and scratching...THE ENTIRE TIME WE WERE THERE.  What a good sport that doctor was.)  Anyway, one steroid shot and food change later, Bailey has gone from "I'm fixin' to die" to "I'm FINE, already!  Stop watching me poop!"  Jerk.  Yeah, that's right--I said it.  I saved your life, you fucking jerk.  That poop cost me $150--don't think I won't be inspecting it.
  • Thanks to my friend Mellie Mel for sharing what is essentially the final Alexander McQueen--I'll link to her post for the pics rather than putting them here, so go there if you want to check out the cool-ass clothes.  The man had an incredible brain, and an enormous talent for making Wow.  It is hard to fathom, with a talent like that, and a vision so strong, that ending his own life would have ever made sense to him.  An absolute tragedy.  It occurs to me as I look at the clothes that a lot of people would look at that and think, "I could never wear that" and maybe you wouldn't--maybe I wouldn't either.  But in ALL THINGS, it is the visionary that gives the rest of us permission to move forward.  To introduce new shapes, new colors, new technique, new sound--to be the one that says, "Fuck it, I'm going to try _____".  That's where the true beauty lies.  In fearlessness.  Without it, not a one of us will ever go anywhere but backwards.

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