Tuesday, April 27, 2010

In Which She Whines About Her Inability To Create Web Pages

I suppose if a girl sat down and really paid attention and studied, that she could make a really cool space out of a blank canvas, right here on the internet!
I can't tell you how not interested I am...
I mean, I'm interested, but, I'm not.  Not really.  If I were stuck in a hospital bed and there was nothing to do all day but fiddle with a blogger template to get it past the point of recognition, then I probably would do that, but....who cares, really?  It's a blogspot blog.  How much do I have to pretend that it's not a blogspot blog?
Anyway...while it looks mostly the same, you may note some stuff missing--just trying to clean my room.  I'll get things back where I want them eventually.


  1. but That was my favorite part and now you've ruined my life. All my *other* blog friends let me do That......


  2. Yeah, I've often toyed with the idea of learning to design cool stuff but blah. I never do. I barely have time for blog reading and writing these days.


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