Monday, April 5, 2010

Fake Healthy

Don't you hate it when a cold is kicking your ass?
I talk for a living. 
OK, actually I "argue" for a living but it involves speaking so, there.
Anyway, I'm a total mouth-breathing, stuffy-nosed ick right now.  I don't know if I'd believe me when I said something, either.  I haven't lost any arguments, though, so I guess it means I'm Just. That. Good.
The thing about a stuffed up nose when you're trying to talk someone down (uh....I mean, calmly explain to them why they are full of shit...) is that by the time you get done talking, you notice that your heart rate is way up because you've been taking only shallow breathes so as not to sound like the gasping, wheezing, inflicted person that you are. 
The Fake Healthy act is exhausting. 
I wonder if this qualifies as aerobic exercise?


  1. Two words: Neti Pot. Gross but effective.

  2. Did that this weekend. Just delightful. In a truly disgusting sort of way, I mean. Right now, I'm dissolving Emergence-C powder into my Victamin C Vitamin Water. I will destroy you, cold! DESTROY!!!


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