Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What I Know

How come when somebody sits down and reads a year's worth of archival material from this blog, I don't automatically think "Gee, I must be pretty interesting," but rather, "What do you WANT, Crazy Stalker???"
Of course, there is always the brief mental review to make sure that there is nothing in there for which I could be sued.
Then I have to go back and actually read it all, just to make sure it's not too embarrassing.  Good thing I nuked most of that archive. 
And, probably that thing about Tom Cruise won't come back to bite me in the ass.
Can I just say, that as much as I enjoy reading other people's stuff that I have never, and I mean, NEVER thought anyone's writing was so awesome that I spent a day archive diving on their blog?  If I read your stuff, and I read ALL of your stuff, trust me, I was looking for specific information.
Not that there aren't incredibly wonderful people and writers out there, just...you don't do that, you know?  You don't dig that way just trying to read my boring-ass day-to-day observations, or anybody else's, even if their lives are a million times more interesting than mine.
"Ouch" if you did, though.
I may be the Queen of the Ridiculously Obsessive Internet Search.  Well, I thought I was.  I mean...can find out a hell of a lot of stuff about someone because I'm what you call "determined", but, I've never plundered any "outside the public domain" stuff, never paid for someone to find Vincent D'Onofrio's home address or any other stupid shit like that.  Why would I?
Recently, a random person told me a micro-factoid about someone and all I could think was, "How in the hell do you know that?  Or, more importantly, WHY in the hell do you know that?"  I mean, at what point would somebody think that the name of some celebrity's kid's school, or anything pertaining to their family, was going to be useful? 
I don't mind telling you, it kinda creeped me out...
Because I am a digger myself, I recognize digging.  Because my family is a part of my "product", I accept a certain level of risk, but I only do this because, like I said, we're interesting, but not interesting on a national scale, or even a regional one.  Probably nobody cares enough to show up on my front steps to tell me that they've just come from the grave of my maternal grandfather and what an incredibly moving experience it was.  And probably my days of random strangers acting like I'm their best friend are long gone.
Or are they?
By the way, if you're looking for anything useful about some celebrity, the blog isn't going to be of much help to you, considering that the only person about whom I speak extensively is me.  Write what you know, right kids?


  1. Once upon a time (see I can't stop with it) I stood in a VERY long line to have a humor book related to knitting signed by a rather popular knitting & humorist who happens to have a blog (yes, you do know exactly to whom I refer). When standing in this line to have my book by this author/humorist/knitter/blogger signed a woman in front of me was interviewed by a local paper because HOLY HANNAH Whats With The CRAZYASS Knitters? And the interviewee proceeded to tell the interviewer that the day she "found" the author/humorist/knitter/blogger she started with her very first post and read THEM ALL straight through.
    I was totally creaped out; and kept my eye on the "stalker" from then on out just to make sure she wasn't any more unbalanced than I thought. Since I had a "flat Vicki" with me I decided not to mention the stalker because I had my own version of weird going on.

    My word is throta. I can't decide if I'm offend...Nah.

  2. OK, I'll bite....WTF is a flat Vicki??

    I was living in Duluth when said humorist pillaged the mall, though I did think about making the trip. I love her all to bits, but STILL have not read her entire blog! (read the books tho...)


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