Monday, April 19, 2010

Stupid Car

I'm sitting quietly, waiting for the auto repair shop to open so that I might limp over there...transport myself to my own financial ruin...

What a lovely opinion I have of car repair! But seriously, when the guy says "that'll be $800", what am I supposed to do? Grin?

Oh, all right! From all indications, it probably won't be $800. But still...I wish I could reserve the right to call "Helpless Female!" in this situation, but alas, there is no one in the house to do this dirty work. What I wouldn't give to be able to bat my eyes at some sweet man sitting next to me and say, "Honey, my car is making a hideous noise. Would you be a dear?"

Some might say I'm setting the women's movement back several years by doing this--I say, I'm just being thrifty. A guy gets a better deal in a repair shop, don't deny it!

I suppose if my skirt is short enough, it could work the opposite way....hmmm.

Never mind...I'm not really up for getting trampy on a Monday. Or ever.

Stupid car...


  1. Oooh, trampy on a Monday.

    You have the Best. Ideas!!!!!


  2. Turns out trampy was not what the situation called for--it was really more of a Godfather thing. Not that I was going to break any kneecaps...

    I hate it when you have to be a hard-ass to get people to respect your time (and money), but it's necessary sometimes.


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