Friday, April 9, 2010

Make No Mistake, It's All About The Shoes. Well, Mostly.

I notice (2 days later) that Random Wednesday was removed to make way for The Serious, so, since it's Friday, we'll just squish the Non-Serious into this space and see what happens....

  • The Shoes. Le Cute, no? Stole them from my child. Well, she sort of volunteered them after hoarding them for a year, but, HA! I have them now! And for some reason, I'm walking like a dweeb in the shoes, even though they are not that tall. I'll be sure to update if I fall down a flight of stairs, or "accidentally" trip and land in some hot guy's lap.

  • Confession time: I worked my entire outfit around the shoes this morning. Oh yes I did.

  • More clothes stuff--I went to see the Jean Paul Gaultier for Target collection up close, picked it up and rubbed it between my little fingers, and yes, I love all of it. Style to the people! Woooo!

  • Even more clothes stuff--I bought a really cute top and wore it to work without thinking much about it, though it was slightly va-va-va-voom. No cleavage, just, sort of low and clingy. Anyway, the weird thing is that after work, I went to see a band play and felt so exposed in the cute top that I'd been wearing all day that I had to cover up with a jacket. So it's decided then--office "hot" is safe in the workplace (full of women), but far too stimulating for the outside world.

  • So I was at Best Buy....(HA! Usually the stories that start with "I was at Best Buy" involve someone trying to convince me that their product is about to break so I should buy the warranty, but, ANYWAY....) I was at Best Buy and there was a guy working there who I swear to God looked exactly like David Crosby--like, exactly enough to make me look, three times. In the end I realized that the most prominent NON-David Crosby feature on the guy (besides the fact that he was wearing a Best Buy uniform) was the fact that he never smiled, even once. I would venture a guess that the reason for this was because he was wearing a Best Buy uniform, however, I would have to ask to confirm.

  • Also at Best Buy (where I was so dutifully covered up) I saw a BoDeans in-store appearance in which the people were standing so freaking close to the band that if I were them, I'd be all, "Bitch, Step Off!"...but that's just me. I mean, they were so close to the front of their faces that I was uncomfortable, 20 feet away. Did you ever try to do your job with someone standing three feet away, staring at you? Me neither. That must have sucked.

  • Proof Positive that the nerdier your job is, the more fun you're probably having...I sent my sister a link to Atomic Cookies because I thought that would be a fun, cute thing for her to see, what with her being a scientist and all, and she emails be back, saying "cute - it'll go on the wall with the electrophoresis gel cookies and the white-lab-mouse cookies!" Who knew there were such things? Would you eat a thing called an "electrophoresis gel cookie"? I'd have to see it first....


  1. I love those SHOES!

  2. I love YOUR shoes! Cutest damn things...


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