Thursday, April 15, 2010

Yeah! Meme! Wooooo!

You could qualify this as lazy and not be wrong--I just happened to see this in a Body and Soul mag and completely ripped it off because I thought it was a nice little meme...

If I could say one thing to myself 10 years ago: Walk away the first time it feels like you should. If it means anything at all, they'll follow.

My favorite place in the world: Anyplace that is free of judgement and full of laughter.

The movie I watch when I want to laugh: Hmmm.....good question. I can't think of one at the moment, but I'm sure there are many.

No one knows I: I'm not so sure that there are a lot of things that people don't know that I do--but I bet there are plenty of things that nobody ever imagined, that I do on a regular basis.

I feel healthy when: This is going to sound strange, but I think I feel best when doing yard work of some kind--shoveling snow, digging in the garden, etc. I don't currently have a garden or a yard or a sidewalk to shovel, and I miss it terribly.

If I could do anything else for a living, I'd: I would love to do just straight PR/Promotion or something less insanely confrontational than what I'm doing now--it just gets exhausting having to put up your dukes all the time, which is what happens when it's your job to defend something that people don't necessarily like. Some days it's like parenting or training a puppy--you believe in what you are doing, you know that it's the best thing and an important thing, and there is a feeling of urgency but it's so much f*cking work and it's intensive--the only thing keeping you afloat is the idea that "someday" it will have all been worth it. It would be nice to just have some vanilla actor for a client and all you do all day is tell people how wonderful they are and nobody ever tells you that you're full of shit, or threatens to sue.

Exercise Routine: My daughter likes to force me to get out and walk around the neighborhood sometimes, and that's the current "routine". I figure it's an upgrade from this time last year when all I ever really did was walk out to the back porch to smoke, so, there you go...

Proudest moment in my career: Cannot be shared because of proprietary info! Trade secret! HA! But, I will tell you that I was AWESOME! (what did you expect...that I had a mediocre day?)

My Dad always told me: Always? Always? Dad told me a lot of things--lots of good things, but to be honest, I think the thing that he told me most while I was growing up was "Grab me a beer".....that sounds a lot worse than it actually is.... ;-)

My Mom was right about: Anything having to do with sewing or plants. Expert Level knowledge on those things. For everything else, she's just like me and attacks life with a fair amount of trial and error. She's pretty fearless--knows a LOT of things.

The lesson I keep learning over and over: That not everyone is as enthusiastic or idealistic or optimistic as I am. As lessons go, it is my least favorite of all.

I wish I had more time for: All of it! I hate prioritizing--just want to give everything my full attention all the time.

My great unfulfilled dream: I'm only 43....just getting started...

Real Contentment is: Currently, it's just not having to be anywhere, or have any kind of project hanging over my head. When it is possible to just "hang out" and not have to do anything, it's the best feeling, ever.

One of my favorite quotations: Not my all time fave, but I like this one...."A mighty oak tree was once just a nut that stood their ground".

I always feel saner when: I'm exposed to really crazy people. Not like "Oooo, you're so crazy!" Crazy People, but like "That person is freaking DAMAGED," Crazy People. While dealing with these people does have the effect of scaring the living hell out of you at first, after you get your bearings, and if they don't kill you, there's a wonderful feeling of "Thank G*d I'm ME!"

Go ahead and steal it....I did, after all.


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