Wednesday, November 11, 2009

In The Gutter In The Morning

I remember about a week ago thinking that maybe I was too old to start my days at 5:30AM and plow through them at top speed until around 8 or 9 at night.


That schedule doesn't seem like such a big deal at the moment.

Anyway...I'm dog tired today, because yesterday I was up at 5:30AM and finally fell into bed at about 1 o'clock this morning.  But, all good--had a couple of oddly large beers, was thoroughly confused by two-way downtown streets, and got a few good panicky moments out of my "navigator".  As I said to my friend when strong-arming him into coming to the show, "We'll sleep when we're dead"  Here is the YouTube of where I was and what I was doing...  Cruise in about 50 minutes on that to get to the Enter The Haggis part--that's actually a post of their web cast of the show, so they start shooting the stage well before they ever get on it... (Warning...picture is shite, but the sound is good.  Well, it's board good--sounded better in the room.  You may also notice that the sound and the picture sync up about as well as a dubbed Godzilla movie, but, just do what I do and open it in another window/tab to listen to while you're doing something else...)  There's a little something for everybody on this--rock, trad, Celtic moosh, blues, progressive, jazz--they have a lot going on.  Go in about an hour and 33 minutes to get to my faaaave song from last night's set list, "Life For Love", which is just flat-out stellar piece of music.

On to the vitally important business of the day:  Did you know that there is some "other" Shelly Payne out there posting junk on a blogspot blog?

Ahem...That will be quite enough of that, young lady.

OK, OK....I think she had to do the blog for a school project or something, and her name appears to also be "Shelly Payne", and I'm sure she is a lovely person.  

But...she can't spell, and, well, her blog is not all that entertaining or interesting, so it pains me to see it, because I'm a freak.  I'm a freak because Google Alerts is my very good friend, and though I don't personally Google myself, my little friend sends me an email every time somebody Googles, uh, me (and a lot of other things...).  And when somebody Googles Shelly Payne and they get the poorly spelled, not all that interesting, blog of Student Shelly, I wince a little.

It's not that this blog is my livelihood or that Student Shelly is taking food of my children's mouths or anything.  Its because when you're like me and you sign your name to your work and your words because you give it effort and you're proud of yourself,  it's not fun to be associated with something half-ass.  Maybe I'm old-fashioned.  Right or wrong, I rarely say things I don't mean, and I think signing your name to something should signify that--it's your own personal seal of approval.  It means you stand behind it, which is a very big deal in my world.  I don't want to be a McDonald's and run everybody named McDonald who wants to open a restaurant out of business...I just sincerely hope Student Shelly nukes that blog the second that class is over.  In about six months, if it hasn't gone away yet, maybe I'll stop by with some words of "encouragement".  And a style guide, dictionary, thesaurus, and, oh, maybe a spell check.


  1. well I googled it - I'm sure you've received the alert - and think there is so much about you The REAL Shelly Payne that you are safe.

    PS - someone other than me owns my blog name url. I know who and I am not happy - although I am thinking she won't think to renew it next spring and the it will be MINE! like it should be. I should trademark the MF.

  2. I personally enjoy Drag Racing Shelly Payne, and Molecular Geneticist Shelly Payne. Oh, and Western Illinois Paranormal Society Shelly Payne. And Shelly Payne is also an attorney in Detroit.

    Jeeeez...can't believe I just effing Googled myself. Please shoot me.

  3. Oh, and for the record...there is virtually NOTHING about me anywhere! Which means that I will soon be changing my name to "The Illusive Shelly Payne"


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