Friday, November 20, 2009

Closing In

Getting very close...inch by inch.
I can feel my body telling me that smoking time is drawing to a close.  Just about there.  It's one of those things where the action no longer serves it's purpose, so it's likely to change soon.
Along with that, I have a strong desire to run a marathon.
HA!  Had you going for a second there, didn't I?   So NOT running a marathon...
But here's the job, new body.  Can't help it, it's just happening.  At my old job, I was at my desk a lot.  At my new job, I'm at my desk.....MORE. 
I mean, "Crap".
Every inch of my body can feel the "sitting around", because we're not terribly busy at the moment, so we quite literally Sit Around.  A Lot.  I'm all crinked up like a ball of paper. and my Everything hurts.  On my breaks, I crave movement much more than nicotine.  (Listen to your bodies, people...I think that a lot of people who have aches and pains a lot of the time, have them because of lack of movement.  There are things for which you take a pill, and things for which you take a walk.  I'm just sayin'.).
So, I might accidentally quit smoking.  If I keep replacing my lunch time with a stroll around the parking ramp, it could happen.  I know...don't carve that in stone or anything...


  1. You should do what I'm doing! I am "on a break" with smoking until I am 91 - then I am going right back to smoking & drinking all I want. I only mention the drinking because with the smoking I'm bound to drink more.
    Should start IRA fund for just my 90's vices....

  2. I do like that idea very much....but 91? That's THIRTY-EIGHT YEARS FROM NOW! Can't I just break for, say...20 years?


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