Sunday, November 15, 2009

Wow...I Really Am Faster Than A Speeding Bullet

Ever get the feeling that you dodged a bullet?

Like, the guy you decided NOT to give your phone number turned out to be a psycho killer?

( come the only guys who ask for my number are psycho killers?  What's up with that?  OK, OK...I admit it...the NON-psycho killers bore me...wouldn't even know how to have a conversation with someone who wasn't deeply troubled.  But ANYWAY...)

I heard from a former co-worker that they just broomed a bunch of people at my previous job.  Jeeez.  Seems the company accidentally overspent several million dollars on stupid crap, so, in order to save those big management jobs, they had to slice off a good chunk of little people.

I feel so bad for my friend, and so glad for me.  I especially feel bad because they had the audacity to fire her, then ask her if she could come in on Monday and train some of the people who didn't get fired in how to do her job.

Man...That's like dumping a girl, then asking her to pose as your girlfriend so you can ditch some other chick you also don't want to hang out with.  Ruuuude!

*sigh*  I'm not naming names, I'm just saying that they SUCK.  Fire one VP or upper management person instead of 20 people who actually work, and you might come close to solving the real money problem, you morons!  *grumble*

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