Saturday, November 7, 2009

Going Back In Time

Literally and figuratively...

Here is a link to Ghosts Of North Dakota (DOT COOOOOOOM....because every web site is an Expedia commercial to me...)

LINK!!!!! It's a LINK!!! Click on it!!!

Go check out the home country. Yes, I grew up there. Yes, it is beautiful. Yes, there are hardly any people there. No, this post was not here on Saturday--I'm totally cheating and back-dated it. HA! And you thought you were losing your mind, didn't you???

But seriously, folks...the cool thing about Ghosts of North Dakota is that they go around and take pictures of ghost towns, and, although there is some beautiful photography, it's not all sugar-coated...rust and decay are not necessarily glamourized. There are less people in the entire state of North Dakota than there are living in the city where I currently reside. It's different there, but cool...wide open spaces, y'all...

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