Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Is it true that in this picture, I decided not to wear my coat outside, even though it was 20 below, because I wanted to look cool?

Yes. Yes, that is true.
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And don't think my siblings didn't call me on it.
Although I notice now that Baby Bro (The tall one) is Sans Parka, too. Hmmm...
Favored child status always went to the shortest one--that's the guy wearing the giant red bow in this picture.

His name was Chance, and obviously, he was a lot cuter than the rest of us.

My father had to put him down a couple of years ago, and counts that day among his most difficult. Tougher than being on the ambulance crew when your son is involved in a car accident (on my father's 50th birthday, I might add), and tougher than having to drive to Montana in the middle of the night because your kid ( got arrested for being all of 17 and somehow possessing ridiculous quantities of wine. In Montana. (OK, OK...Montana was just four miles from our house, but still...)
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