Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thing 1

She's been photographed approximately 872 kajillion times.
(Yes, there ARE pictures of Day One. No, we will not be sharing them.)
She didn't start to get hilarious for a few months after that, anyway.
Sometimes posed.
Sometimes wanting very much not to be posed.
Sometimes saying, "OK, Grandma, can we give it a break?"
Through it all, so much laughter.
And so many chickens.

And other random things to pose with.

And like us all, the self-portraits are the most telling.
I've seen her look like everything you could imagine. My blog name for her is "Diva", but, she wouldn't have become one without 16 years of nudging, by those of us who find her amazing, fascinating, aggravating, short-tempered, funny as hell, driven, creative, and somehow still pretty easy going. Look out, world...she's coming your way.
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  1. Gorgeous post and pictures. The world is pretty lucky to get her.

  2. You know...I shouldn't say this because she's not my only child (HA!) but I was looking at stacks and stacks of photos and thinking the girl photographs so well, and should have been modeling this entire time. Just gorgeous. Lucky for her, I'm not that kind of parent. Currently, she's interested in going into science of some kind, and she'll do great at it--she's just off-beat enough to be the one who cures something...


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