Saturday, November 14, 2009

Home Again, Home Again

What an excellent day so far!  Got to go to a local store that was blaring R&B Christmas, that wasn't me dancing in the aisle to Luther Vandross.

OK, maybe it was.

What can I say?  When Luther sings, "Everybody kiss somebody," it just makes me want to kiss somebody, which translates into a good mood.

I made it out of the store without kissing anybody.  But I bought a lot of Christmas ornaments.

From there, in my car, I found myself sitting at a stoplight a half block away from a Dunn Brothers and THOSE BASTARDS with their delicious smelliness FORCED me to pull over.  Damn it.

Hit the grocery store and EVERYTHING WAS ON SALE...gotta love that.  Delighted in the guy having the deep discussion with his wife/girlfriend/sister/who knows? about how he KNOWS she doesn't like white bread and never eats it, but, 48 CENTS!  Come on!  48 Cents!  Be reasonable!

I tried not to get involved, but I had to brush past them in order to pick up my two loaves of bread so heavy with whole grain that I could barely lift them.  I gave her the "don't take your boyfriend/husband/brother/who knows? to the grocery store with you, and you can buy whatever you want" look, but I had to walk away before I heard how that stressful situation resolved itself.

Hey, there's a reason I leave the kids at home whenever possible.

Then, I could swear I saw John Holmes at Michael's.  He was in the cake decorating aisle.  You know....if you look an awful lot like John Holmes, you gotta figure a weirdo like me is going to wonder what the hell you're doing with all that frosting.

Christmas coming together nicely--this year's theme colors?  Lime green and fuchsia.  Oh yes it is.  And I am really happy that I am in the MOOD for the holidays.  I'm in total nesting mode right now.  Don't think ill of me if I Christmasify this place, like, next week.  I need to decorate, OK?  NEED!!

Too bad my nesting thing also involves cleaning the house...

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