Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Woot! Random Wednesday!

  • Horoscope from this morning.."It is time to give your beloved some special attention."  You mean...besides stating publicly on a blog that I want to roll over in bed and run into him every morning?  Jeeeez...attention pig!
  • Now that my car has had a fluid transfusion, it's all, "Take me on the highway!  Take me on the highway!" So I tried that...and the first thing I saw on the highway was a huge sign that said "Debris North of Diamond Lake Rd--expect delays" and there we sat, my car and me, for 40 minutes, trying to get from 66th Street to 46th Street.  Annoying!
  • And I know what you're thinking, Mike--Yes, a trip to Fargo would make my car very happy right now.  It would also make ME very happy right now...just need to hang out with some of my cronies once in a while to return my brain to the preferred, Belle Of The Ball state of mind.  I realize that this is a state of illusion (delusion?), but just let me have this one thing, OK?
  • Meanwhile, if someone would get all excited and finish the Road Construction Project From HELL so I could actually drive on the two highways that lead to my house, that would be SUPER!  Thanks!  (New bridge to replace the collapsed bridge?  One year.  New Highway on Dirt?  Six years.  Dude...I'm just sayin'...)
  • Everyone in my office has medical bills that they are appealing and contesting, with both the providers and the insurance companies.  It's not a One Out Of Ten People Think Insurance And Medical Billing is Confusing.  It's 4 Out Of 5 People WHO WORK FOR AN INSURANCE COMPANY Can't Figure Out Why They Are Being Billed The Way They Are Being Billed!  There are so many errors, which make a person crazy, and it's part of the reason why it's so expensive, and definitely one of the reasons why medical bills are crippling average American families.  You know I'm right, you know I'm right, you KNOW I'm right!  You wanna do something nice for America?  Wanna cut health care costs?  Stop screwing us around.  Put some motivated people behind the change!  Start with someone who is looking at their OWN huge medical bill, and I'm sure they'll come up with a creative solution in no time!
  • Dear Bank Holding My Money: ((insert raspberry))  That is all.
  • Other than Bank Fail, I must say, my life appears to be hanging at the cross-roads of "Woot!" Boulevard and "That's So F*cking Cool" Street.  I's INTERESTING, people!  I've had a lot of things make me smile this week, inwardly, and outwardly.  I've had a lot of things make me say, "Ah-Ha!" at the most delightful of revelations.  And, a lot of little lessons.  As usual, I have no idea where any of this is headed, but, the trip is never dull...Grateful every day!


  1. Oh I am so jealous! WOOT Blvd is my FAVORITE! They have the best cake, ice cream, candy and doughnuts there!

  2. All served by hot men! Woot! :-)


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