Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More Things I Know For Sure

  • I don't like the word "meeting". I was walking in to the office today when ran into one of my co-workers in the hall. I greeted her, and she responded by saying the word "meeting". My immediate (mental) response was "Meeting? What meeting? Why do we have so many f*cking meetings?" Turns out I didn't have a meeting, she was just telling me that she was on her way to a meeting. As many meetings as I have, she has more. Very, very few truly productive meetings ever take place. I am waiting for the day when Corporate America finally realizes this and just lets people do their work....which we currently don't have time to finish because we're trapped in meetings all day.
  • The sum-sum-summertime has me all screwed up. Apparently I'm really, really good at making sure that everybody else in the household is where they need to be, on time. When they don't need to be anywhere, because they have no school, I lay in bed way too long in the morning, hit the snooze a dozen times, and finally get up at the last possible second that would allow me enough time to get ready and leave. And the "get ready" portion of the program varies depending on how long I've waited to get up: Fix my hair? Or, just put some goop in it and joosh it around a little? Eat something? Or, tell myself I'll pick up a breakfast sandwich somewhere? Iron that shirt? Or, wonder if I can get away with it? Pack a lunch? Or, hope that there are quesadillas on the menu at the cafeteria? Make coffee? Or, .....well, I think we covered that yesterday. Of course, each time I hit the snooze, one of the "get ready" items falls by the wayside. By the end of the summer, people at the office are going to start assuming that Wrinkled, Rumpled and Bleary-Eyed is my latest fashion statement. Having said all of that, I feel much better having caught this behavior early on. I'm not known for my stringent self-discipline, but now would be a good time to work on that...either that, or put my teenagers back in daycare, so they have to be somewhere in the morning, too.
  • Filing is the dumbest thing, ever, in the history of mankind. And I'm not talking about putting something somewhere where you can find it, because you actually USE it, I'm talking about paper that you don't need, but are required to keep, just in case you have to cover your ass sometime in the future. I'm not a big fan of saving ANYTHING for a "just in case I need it" purpose. Ah, but I work for an insurance company. We save copies of everything. Kind of funny actually, because everytime I call MY insurance company regarding a particular piece of paper, they usually claim they don't have it, but I know that's not true--trust me, they made six copies of it the minute it arrived. More likely, somebody thought it should be filed, didn't feel like filing it, and it's sitting in a box somewhere...just like MY filing. Because filing is dumb. Dumbest thing, ever.
  • The universe has an incredible sense of humor, as evidenced by the fact that I have John Mayer's "No Such Thing" stuck in my head. And I don't like filing. Or being on time. Or going to meetings.


  1. Yes - the insurers do have that paper in sixlicate.

  2. I wish I was joking about the three foot stack of filing...I actually have two document boxes full, and I've only been here since October. What does THAT tell ya?


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