Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Grand Scope

We all know how horoscopes are generally, uh....general.  Right?
I mean, assuming that all people born during the month of June, or even all people born on June 22nd can have the same stuff happening, is a bit too much for a thinker to think...right?  Horoscopes are painted with broad strokes, and peppered with words like "you MIGHT notice" in reference to situations and issues that could happen to anybody, anywhere, any day.  Like, "You might feel stressed out today..."  Pretty safe, since, any of us, on any given day, can get a little stressed out.
In fact, there was a study done about horoscopes in which students were handed a horoscope, told that it was THEIR horoscope for that day, and all of the students agreed that it was just UNCANNY how accurate it was, since the horoscope appeared to speak directly to the issues that they were having in their lives--only then did the researchers reveal that it wasn't actually their horoscope, that it was just something their teacher had written and that every student in the room got the exact same one.
And....I know all of this stuff.  Still, I can't explain the super-bizarro, incredibly specific horoscope today.  I mean, it is actually SO specific that I am not going to reprint it here, because the actions of which it speaks qualify me as a complete weirdo...and, I actually DO that stuff, so, I'm not saying that I'm not a weirdo, but, how did they know?
Surely everyone born on June 22nd can't be doing THAT!  I mean....come on!  I'm assuming the other kajillion people born that day have, well.....lives.
Somebody better get Crazy Aunt Purl on the line...that's her birthday, too.  I'm am CERTAIN I can out-weirdo her, but I feel we should compare notes right away...

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