Thursday, June 25, 2009


I want to know, right now, WHY ISN'T IT FRIDAY?  I'm ready to go into seclusion for a couple of days and this whole "Showing up for work" thing is a real pain in the ass.
I woke up this morning thinking, "well, at least it's Friday..."
But, it isn't.
I threw on clothes with casual day in mind--almost put on jeans, and everything.
Luckily, it's been too warm for jeans because IT ISN'T FRIDAY YOU MORON!!!
When I got to work, I had an email from a co-worker, saying that they needed a particular project done "by tomorrow" and I wondered what they were doing on Saturday that would require me to have this particular project completed.
Never mind.
I'm not sure if I should blame the heat or the stress or the lack of sleep, but I suppose the combination of the three is causing the classic symptoms of "White girl loses her mind", including, but not limited to: driving home from work yesterday while sobbing, chain smoking, and continuously asking the non-existent passenger in the car why everything SUCKS so bad right now, why nobody gives a shit and if I just disappeared, would anyone care?  The afternoon culminated in further madness, with me calling my ex-husband (while still sobbing, but not driving) and apologizing for being such an awful person, and clearly, I'm an awful person, which is why nobody gives a shit, but who am I to ask people to give a shit, when I don't care one iota about them? 
See where my mind goes?  Some days, I wish i had an IQ of 70--things would be so much simpler. 
Ex husband very kindly disagreed with the "awful person" assessment.
I felt better.
But it still isn't Friday.


  1. Apparently this WhyTF isn't it Friday thing is going around - I dressed casual today too. THANK GOODNESS no clients are coming in.

    I will also kindly disagree with the "awful person" thing.

  2. Thank G*d it isn't just me! Seriously! When I was in my pissy mood last night, I thought maybe I would have a martini or six, cuz "tomorrow is Friday and I can coast through a Friday with a hangover" but tomorrow was NOT Friday! Jeez! And I had to be reminded 6 times today that it wasn't Friday! WTF? Losing my damn mind, I tell ya...


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