Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I Wouldn't Want To Hang Out With Me

Got the usual morning rush today--make-up, hair, clothes, out the door--and I get to work (after that lovely freezing-our-asses-off commute), take off the PARKA, settle in at my desk and realize that the suit I'm wearing is, uh....I would say not so fresh, but, its pretty much stinky-dirty. 
I wonder how early I have to get up to allow my senses to be fully awake by the time I put my clothes on.
Seems the last time I wore this, I went out.  And there must have been some dancing.  Or, just general sweating. 
A little of both.
....At least the pants and shirt are clean....gotta ditch the jacket, though, so people won't be afraid to approach my desk...
And, at least it doesn't smell like beer and/or anything else.  Nothing frightening in the pockets....we can just pretend that never happened....


  1. ha-
    I was there with her kids, there
    was dancing, and beer and only one lap dance and the airheads in front of us, maybe they sprayed something?

    I am horrible at smelling before I dress, I cover myself in spray and leave.
    You'll be fine, just walk fast and point at other people.

  2. Nuthin to see here. Move along.....

    (Maybe if you keep them seperate? The clean and the dirty? (IDB ducking and running))

    (demen as verification word? is that devil semen or what?)

  3. ....uh...that night is a bit of a blur...Clearly, upon arriving at home, I felt perfectly OK putting the jacket in the closet as opposed to the laundry. So, I was making laundry decisions after drinking, and, that's never good.

    From here on out, I'll just do like I used to do--that is, walk in the door, start taking off clothes, leave them all in a trail on the floor, all the way to the bathroom and/or bedroom or wherever the jammies are. Then, in the morning, assume that anything on the floor is dirty...


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