Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Insomniac Whack IV (Workplace Edition)

When I can't sleep, I feel like there is some sh*t going on in the universe that I need to be awake for...
...though I can't really explain all the 1AM's, lately. 
Oh, I could theorize--we're all under the same moon, after all, so somebody's awake and thinking--but, I couldn't say for sure.
I very much believe that we are all connected, and wonder sometimes if I'm just more aware of that connection than the average person--most people wouldn't even think this way, right?  They'd just figure they must have eaten something weird before bed, or, (in my case quite possible), the landlord was out doing snow removal outside the window at some odd hour.  (Midnight?  Really?  And more than just a couple of times.  I'm just sayin'...)
There are a million examples floating around, about twins having a strong feeling that something bad just happened to their sibling, or mothers about their children.  People wake up in the middle of the night for some good reason all the time.
Just cuz I don't have a twin sibling and I happen to know that my children are tucked in just a few feet away from me, doesn't mean I can't wake up thinking. 
Well...that's obvious.  It keeps happening.  Strangely, I don't mind.  A "normal" person who had to function on the amount of sleep I've been (not) getting lately would be having a fit by now.  I'm feeling pretty mellow about it for some reason.  No worries.  Must be some sh*t in the universe that I need to be awake for...


  1. Wonder what you're up for... maybe a favorite band has been playing a lot of gig's and then when they get off the stage they wonder where you are ;)

    Might as well be hopeful

    And - if hope is in the air, my word verification may be a clue....
    bononies very close to some bodines.......

  2. Keeping me company?


    (I hate when I think of someone out of the blue from long ago and when I ask whomever the mutual link is, they tell me, "Oh, they just died." Again, like you, why me??)

  3. Mama--yes, the children...

    IDB--you're kinda psychic a little?


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