Tuesday, January 20, 2009

No Pressure

Hehe....Joe Biden was so excited!  I thought he was just gonna grab that bible and swear his own damn self in...
And I'm sure we'll be watching video of the flubbing of the Presidential oath for the rest of our lives...kinda like when Diana Spencer stumbled on her marriage vows.
Not to worry....its not like THE ENTIRE EARTH was watching, or anything....no pressure to be perfect....no sir, none whatsoever.
I didn't love the speech, but, you know...no pressure.  :-) 
Its just nice to have someone in office who can actually talk--that's not a crack on W or anything.  We haven't had someone in office who could give a decent speech since before I was born...I have to agree with David Letterman on this--he said that even if things were absolute crap, if the president can get up an make an inspiring speech, then everything will seem alright.
OK, people!  Game on!


  1. didn't see it; just woke up.

    But, yes, a good speech is good. (I have my smrt hat on today.) But realistically, even the good ones didn't have every one be good.

  2. I liked the speech. I liked the flubbing of the oath. I liked it all. Yes, I've clearly drunk the Kool-aid! ha ha.

  3. IDB....seriously, I need your gig...its late, darlin'...

    I'm happy about the presidency, just hope that we can move away from the "He's a black guy" thing and move on to the "he's a smart guy" thing. Hello, Press Corps! A little help, here...Thank you!


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