Monday, January 19, 2009

Its All Downhill From Here

I'm a hundred and six years old, and, by this time, I'm used to the weird sh*t that goes on with The Aging, and I'm used to waking up every once in a while to some new weird thing that wasn't there the day before that I now have to add to my daily maintenance, but I am telling you, THIS IS THE LAST STRAW!

Those first strands of grey on my head were a bummer, but, ultimately became an excuse to change my hair color whenever the hell I felt like it, since, I was just nuking the grey.

The creeking old bones, well, I've had those forever. Bad knees from the get-go.

The arthritis in my neck and the accompanying neurological bullshit, I deal with on an as-needed basis.

No big deal....all of this stuff is No Big Deal. I trudge forward, undaunted.

But...a grey hair on my freaking eyebrow?


Somebody please just shoot me...


  1. Ok, dont panic
    simply pluck it! I pluck stuff.
    Now if you end of plucking too much, simply fill it in with a eyebrow pencil.
    So you look like Joan crawford?
    so, that old hollywood looke seems to be coming back-


  2. I can top it!!!!

    White hairs in the middle of my forehead.

    Two different spots I now have to 'watch'......and they seem to go from not there to HITHDIMTTLTILITM in no. time.

    (how in the hell did I miss that the last time I looked in the mirror?)

  3. OK, I need a personal guy assistant to deal with this shit--some freaking cabana boy who lives to serve, and keeps the secrets. Clearly he would have to be gay. He would hang out, give me facials, mani/pedi, pluck, whatever.

    Lets all get one, shall we?

    My favorite hairdresser of all time (oh, TOTALLY gay) used to get all excited when he was fixing my hair if he noticed an errant eyebrow--the boy was right there with the tweezer. God, I loved that man. LOVED, OK? Loved. I miss him.

    So, today I saw a picture of Madonna, and, her eyebrows are totally GONE. So freaking sad...that was the best part of her face! Now she just looks old...I'm scared, OK? lol

  4. Don't pluck it - dye it. If you start plucking away the grey as a routine you just may end up without any brows!

    Ever see the episode of Sex & The City where Samantha finds grey hair somewhere she least expected it & did a dye job....

  5. I thought about it, Mama, and decided...that I don't want to think about that. Grey hair, there, I mean...


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