Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tuesday Of The Living Dead

Thankfully, I was on my way BACK from the Coffee Trough when I ran into the VP in the hallway this morning.
If I had been on my way TO the Coffee Trough and run into him, that cheerful, positive and motivated "Good Morning!" might have been a barely audible grunt, instead.
Juuust a little tired...
But I think that it is important to greet the VP like you fully intend to take over his job one day.  It's a personal motivation thing for me.  I have no idea what this guy does for a living, and I don't actually want to be a VP at an insurance company, but I find that VP's, unlike Middle Management, appreciate people who driven--after all, that is how they got to be VP's in the first place.
And when they ask how you are, always say, "Great!"  Like I did this morning...even though I'm actually the walking dead. 
He'll never know the difference.
A little about the tired--we went out last night.  A Monday.  Please shoot me....
...just kidding...its fine.
Barb and I have come to the conclusion that we attract wacky people.  Well, maybe it is BARB that attracts the wacky people, and, I'm just here to make commentary.  Tell me, does this qualify as wacky?  We're at First Avenue, having a beer, hanging out, etc., and the BoDeans take the stage and I hear this voice from behind me say, "Oh thank God, Sam got a haircut!" and I turn around to see a totally non-gay, non-metrosexual dude, who apparently has great interest in the length of Sam's hair.
A Little Wacky.  Right?  (I cannot lie, I'm always highly entertained by the deep discussion among BoDeans fans regarding this man's hair...its just hair.  It grows, it gets cut, it grows again...*yawn*  Reminds me of that old joke--"If you don't like the weather........wait.")
We did have a great time except for the Everybody Who Needs A Beer, Be Sure To Walk In Front Of Those Two Women thing that was going on all night.  Oh, and the chick in front of me who kept changing her shoes.
Changing her shoes.
Like, bending over and changing her shoes...
I didn't even bring a wallet, she's got three pairs of shoes.
Sure, I could have asked, "Why?", but what fun is that?
Meanwhile, BarbKissy-KissyNoah (but only with her eyes...), and, Non-Gay, Non-Metrosexual Dude insisted that Bob was much more fun, but, we like Eric.
And, that's about all the stuff I can write about.
Back to the coffee trough...


  1. ok
    It was a fun night but we always seem to attract the "oh I'm an airhead and I'm at a concert and I'm annoying" girls.
    Thank god I had a drink to help me handle them!
    And there is a always the fun guys,
    I can attest to the fact the guy who commented on Sammy's hair wasnt gay, he was cool and kept yelling a song name.
    Give it up buddy!
    And Noah, sweet Noah, I shook his hand in September ya know!
    I need to rest up for the next conert.
    Have you ever been to Saskatoon?

  2. Beaujolais--I think he and I were in agreement, by the end of the night, that if they would have actually played that song, just for the fuck of it, that he would never, never, ever shout out "Beaujolais" at a concert every again. Which would be lovely for the rest of us, though I don't know if that is a good enough reason to do it...better just to avoid him now that we know what he looks like...


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