Thursday, October 1, 2009

We Have The Weirdest Conversations

While watching an episode of MTV's True Life, with my 14 year old, in which a teenaged boy comes out to his parents...
Punky: Mom, if I told you I was a lesbian, would you be mad?
Me: Why would I be mad?  Of course not.
Punky: OK.  Well, I'm not a lesbian.
Me: *sigh*
Punky: What?
Me: See, now I'm mad.
Punky: You're mad because I'm NOT a lesbian?
Me:  I was so ready to be the coolest, most understanding mom, ever!
Punky: Oh Gawd, Mother...
I only hope that the laughter carries on through the generations. 
Also, watching that particular episode just reminded me how very important it is to keep your mind and your heart open, especially where your children are concerned.  This boy's mother couldn't even use the word "gay", referring to her son as "your kind", and the son was so frightened of talking to his father (who was ultimately quite calm) that you could almost feel the fear jumping off the screen.  Heartbreaking...


  1. seems to me if the laughter is happening now and the conversations are that open, you've got a good chance. (at least that's been my experience - me and my one child, so you know, WORLDS of experience, but we're okay with that whole laughter and communication thing)

  2. The drug and alcohol talks are also insightfully hilarious...


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